Monday, June 23, 2014

And then he grew up!

Sunny is all grown up now. 5 years. He talks non-stop... while awake and intermittently in sleep as well!
With Facebook, my blogging had almost stopped. But then I figured this would be better for Sunny to read when he grows up...all in one place. So hope to come back and update as and when I can.

He has a little sister now. Suddenly...almost overnight he grew up. He has become the big brother...taking care of his little sister. Yes, he still does not know how though and in the enthu to take care of her, he is actually hurting her... :) But its all part of growing up.

Some of his conversations with me:

R : How does a shark's mouth smell like?

Me : what! I have no clue. I have not smelled it.

R : why not?

Me : (wanted to reply that I have no intention to go around smelling other people's - or animals for that matter - mouth) well, if I go near it.. it will eat me. That's why.

R : hmmmm do one thing take a dairy milk with you. Give it to the shark and become its friend...then it won't eat you while you smell its mouth.

Me : well, in that case why don't you do it yourself?

R : first of all I don't know swimming..but then I am much cuter than you it will be hard for the shark not to eat me!! Got it??

Me : ROTFLOL ...almost literraly 


R was taking forever to eat 1 chapathi... Words turn to scoldings which further results in crying.

I told him to sit and think over what he did wrong and come back when he is ready to say sorry.

Few minutes later he comes back ....
Hold on! Not to say sorry ....

But says "amma I can't be good always..I have to be bad also sometimes, I can't help it"!

I can't help but forgive the innocence 


As expected, visitors at home to see the little one. And somehow invariably everyone teases R with "Shall I take the baby home with me?".
He of course says no...

Yesterday night he asks me
"Amma, why do everyone want to take our baby? Why can't they make their own? They just have to go to the hospital cut their stomach and get the baby alwa!"

If only baby making was so simple 


Its sleep time.

R: Tell me a story
Me: I am exhausted today. You please sleep on your own. Will tell tom.
R: Hmm ok. Then tell me what all Gods we have.
Me: (hain? now where did this come from) - There are so many Gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva etc etc..
R: That's only 9 of them (he was counting!). You said there so many!
Me: Forget it! I am not telling all of them. You sleep now.

(Silence for like 30 secs)

R: How did Brahma create the first mother?
Me: What are you asking?
R: No... Babies can be born from mothers only alwa? How did he create the mother?
Me: Oh! He is God alwa? He created her through magic.
R: Hmm ok

(was about to thank god for ending the conversation.. BUT)

R: But how did he raise the mother? He cannot give her milk! How did she grow?
Me: He is God, he can do anything. He created her like she was grown up only!

(I am just eager to end the conversation and catch up on some sleep.. BUT he has other plans)

R: Then God can do anything?
Me: Yes.
R: Can he drive a car?
Me: He can.
R: Does he go to office?
Me: No. He is God. He need not.
R: Then what does he do all day?
Me: He keeps seeing us - who is doing good or bad and rewards or punishes us.
R: Oh! How boring.. ok I will sleep now.

FINALLY! The conversation is over with the conclusion that "God is Boring" 


I am putting coconut oil for R in the morning. As any other kid he does not like it.
R : why do put this daily?
Me : so that your hair grows well.
R : why should my hair grow?
Me : so that you look nice.
R : but whenever it grows you ask pappa to take me for a haircut.. Then why should it grow?
Me : <>!

P is polishing R's shoes. First he did the left one, and then the right one. Realized there is a spot in the left one again.. Goes back to it...

R is patiently waiting all the while... But when P gets back to the left one again...he loses it!

" yen pappa... Are you playing or what with it? Is it a toy? Simply one after the other you are doing.. And I am getting late here!"

Kids today....ufffff !


We were watching Mahabharata on TV... Suddenly out of the blue...
R : AMMA where is my wife?

Me : I don't know.. We will have to look... Or maybe you have to find one on your own ( as if wife = toy  )

R : (with a real sad face) but how will I find her?

Me: don't worry when you become big like pappa you will find her...

R : but will she be like you? I want one like you only... Same face.. Beautiful and sweet....

**** I am literally over the moon  ! Lol! That girl might not exactly be thrilled to hear this... But who cares! I am the Best... Muhah ha ha  ****


How to explain absolute bad, situational bad, inevitable bad etc to a 4 year old?

Scene 1:
Me : (while telling ganesha's story) shiva got very angry and cut off little ganesha's head

R : shiva is very bad no?

Scene 2:

Me : ( after repeating at least a million times for him to go and brush his teeth) - shouting ..... Rishabh will you go now or what?

R : stomping his foot on the ground... I will not... I will not....

Me : if you do that again ...see what I will do!

R : ( reluctantly goes and brushes and comes back) AMMA, why only elders should shout and not children?

Scene 3 :

Me : that's more than an hour now.. Switch off the TV.

R : why? (For the millionth time)

Me : (much against my will..musters patience for the millionth time ) because it's not good to watch it all day long.. It will also spoil your eyes..

R : but thatha watches it all day long... He is bad alwa?

Me : no.. He has finished school... Work and now it's time for him to relax...

R : then can I also watch all day long when I become thatha ?



I tell R the story about Krishna showing the universe in his mouth to his mom... Everything was fine that day.. But then on, a new question pops up everyday..
Q1 : if he has the whole universe in his mouth.. Where is the place for him to eat butter?
Q2 : are we inside his mouth? Will he eat us? Is he gogga (demon) then?
Q3 : does his mouth stink?
Q4 : how will he talk?
Q5 : if he after eeya (brushing) will everything fall out?

I need help here... Is there a way to outsource this insistent Q&A ?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

School is here

He started "school" a week back. The first day he went in the van with a whole lot of other kids, I was overcome by emotions. I had heard this "exact" line from so many moms and I thought I will NOT say it ;-)! There you go - promise broken. But the best part is, he is used to going in a van... he used to go to a play group center before and then day-care... but they had smaller vans and just a few kids.
This one is a big van, with so many older kids as well.
But the best part is this: usually he cries to go to school every single day... but today being a Saturday it was a holiday. But yet the first thing he asked as soon as he got up was "is the van waiting? lets get ready fast"!! meaning he actually likes to go to school :)
Myself, mighty happy!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sonny has now learned to form sentences. Some tit bits


Me: Ayyo... I am having a terrible back pain.. don't know why (I sit on the stool, and there is a bag behind me)

Sonny: (Thinking that because of the bag I have back pain) yaake? Amma Abbu...? oooohoooo! And hits the bag!!! :)


Me: Kanna, why do you always want to play with kitchen utensils? Why can't you play with normal toys? You always spread everything...blah..blah...

Sonny: (Interrupts in-between) Amma.... peeashe... Saaku! (Meaning stop your gyan :P)


Me: (Getting ready to go to office)

Sonny: Amma... Beda... Gabbu... (He does not like the dress I am wearing! He says its yukkk.. !!!)

Children really grow fast. And mine is no exception. Its a treat to see him everyday come up with a new thing. Most of the times its NOT the things that we teach... but the things that we don't want them to learn is what they pick up faster ;-)

When we (me and my sis) were kids, everybody used to appreciate us for our behavior. We ofcourse did not realize the worth of that praise. But today looking back if I am able to instill half the values which my mom had instilled in us in my son then I can consider myself to be a successful mother :)

Friday, January 7, 2011


Why do we have children?
  • Are they our future insurance?
  • Are they stress-busters?
  • Are they play-mates?
  • Are they a status symbol?
You would think any parent these days will say NO to all of these.. think again. Somehow directly or indirectly the answer to one of these questions will be YES. Unfortunate!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My grown up man

I know I have not done justice to this blog. I have hardly posted. Sonny is 1.8 years old now. He sure has grown up :)

I was waiting for him to start talking the moment he was born! And now finally my wait is over. He talks NON-STOP! though its all only one syllable words till now :)

The best part of children (yes he is not longer a baby now) is that they will imitate what you DON'T want them to and they will NEVER do what you want them to do. I am sure all parents will agree with me on this!

R has now grown into a cute little man. He has now learnt to tell me when he has to pee which itself is a major achievement for me ;-) Otherwise our washing machine used to run atleast twice a day with his su-su clothes!

He is still quite shy about going to others. If I take him and go out with any of my friends he refuses to get down lest they take him away with them :P

He is not too fussy about food (touch wood) but has now learnt to demand! He specifically says whether he wants to eat rice or chapathi. Try giving him anything other than what he has asked for....!

He has also now learnt to play by himself. He goes around in his cycle... can play with soft-toys all by himself for a while.. keeps talking to himself also in a language understandable only to him!

From a 4th month old with almost no interaction to a 1.8 year old boy, R sure has grown more cuter :) He sure is a stress buster. No amount of work or tension at office can make me not to play with him. He is a bundle of joy and I love him a lot :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Introducing Sonny

Babies.. who can understand them? Most of them behave the same way upto a certain age and yet each one is unique in its own way. Here are some unique things about my son. I am sure some other babies may also have these characteristics, but atleast I haven't seen any other baby with these.
  • He likes to be left alone before he sleeps. No amount of rocking/cuddling/singing puts him to sleep. Just leave him alone and he will drift off to sleep provided his stomach is full.
  • He makes a weird face when he is about to pee or poop, its almost like a warning if you are carrying him without a rubber-sheet!
  • He sleeps next to me in the night. So when he gets hungry he just makes a "unhuh" sound and looks at me intently... waits for 2 mins for me to get up. If I don't he again makes that sound and looks at me... this can go on atleast for half an hour... after that only he starts crying!
  • He is very very fond of sleeping in somebody's lap... so much so that he doesn't mind not having a feed as well! He is the first baby I have seen who doesn't cry when he is hungry!
  • He easily drifts to sleep if there is some noise around, like music playing or TV running or even somebody talking! But just try and put him to sleep when there is pin-drop silence... not possible!
  • Most babies that I have seen kind of get very irritated when you are dressing them up. But my sonny.. no.. he nicely lets you do whatever you want to do with him :-)

I am sure there will be more to come later.. but as of now this is what it is!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life has changed in many ways

  • I never thought I could be with one person 24 hours in a day and never get enough of it!
  • I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would be interested in somebody's "poop" so much! Everytime he poops, I check the smell, the color, the texture etc etc and hit the net even if I see a slightest difference!
  • If he is silent I wonder if thats ok.. if he cries I wonder if thats ok.. if he plays for too long a time and does not sleep I wonder if thats ok.. if he sleeps for more than 2 hours then also I wonder if thats ok... basically I keep wondering all the time!
  • Initially I was being over protective.. never let my mom to change even his nappy... now have finally got over it ;-)
  • I wish sometimes he was a girl though... :-)
  • My daily itenary revolves around his feeding time. Each of my tasks have to be completed in the 2 hour breaks I get inbetween feeding him. Take bath, sleep, eat, read, surf the net.. even my loo breaks!... everything has to be in these 2 hour breaks.
  • I always wonder if he was actually inside me? This little thing? Is he actually my son? Am I a mom already?
  • When he was born, I kept wondering when he will be a month old... when he was a month old.. I was expecting when he would be 2 months old... Now finally when he is 2 months old I keep thinking when he will be 6 months old so that I can carry him and go around town ;-)
  • My whole day is a snooze-feed-clean cycle!
  • More than anything else, I love his hands and legs.. for that matter I love any baby's hands and legs.. They are simply minute and utterly cute!